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DECEMBER 13, 2015


So much has been put forth about healthcare reform in America. Much of it is political. Anything as big and complex as our healthcare system is subject to our particular worldviews. 
But regardless of our particular worldview, nearly all of us sense that our approach to health is flawed. 

Patients seek treatment for symptoms, rather than getting to the root causes of those symptoms. So they lurch from one health crisis to another. 
Doctors save the lives of patients by treating their acute illnesses. But they don’t effectively help them change the trajectory of their health.  And both patients and doctors engage with each other in a healthcare system that remains attached to acute care medicine, rather than “root care” medicine. That incentivizes high-volume, procedurally-dominated medical care. That reduces all sickness to biology. And that neglects social, psychological, and spiritual factors in influencing health. 

What directly influences our healthcare system? The consciousness of all its stakeholders.  In this talk, we will explore how the evolution of consciousness prefigures the evolution of medicine. 

As an actively practicing physician on the frontline of our healthcare system, Venu Julapalli, M.D., has seen the best of what modern healthcare can offer our community. And the worst of what the vast flatland of unconscious healthcare delivers.   He will discuss how the evolution of consciousness is propelling us to leave one era of medicine, “Health 1.0,” and enter another, “Health 2.0.” Health 2.0 comes with great promise. Dr. Julapalli will warn how it also comes with dangerous pitfalls. 

He will then introduce “Health 3.0”: a re-imagining of healthcare that includes the benefits of both Health 1.0 and 2.0 while transcending them. The key to this integration is to embody Dr. Marc Gafni’s insight of the Unique Self: the uniquely personal essence of Spirit. It is through embracing the uniqueness of both the patient and the doctor, in the context of illness, that we can renew the sacred patient-doctor relationship. This is fundamental to Unique Self Medicine. 

As he outlines a renewed framework for medicine, Dr. Julapalli invites you to consider some practical questions: 

  • How are you relating to your doctor in our current healthcare system?

  • How is your doctor relating to you?

  • Is the system treating you well?Or is it failing you?

  • Is it addressing your acute illness but not your overall health?

  • Is it moving you around like a cog in a vast machine? And moving your doctor around like a cog too?

  • Are we getting increasingly ripped off in the Healthcare Matrix?

  • How can we, as patients and healthcare practitioners, find our Unique Selves and thrive? 

WHEN:  Sunday December 13, 2015.  Arrival and socializing at 5:30.  Program at 6:00.
WHERE:  TRANQUIL HEART YOGA STUDIO, 12288 Westheimer, Ste. 380,
 Houston, 77077  map:  http://tranquilheartyoga.com/contact-tranquil-heart-yoga/     U
pstairs in the building at the back of the parking lot, elevator or stairs to 2nd  floor.
WHO:  Venu Julapalli, M.D. 
Gastroenterologist, Author, "Unique Self and the Future of Medicine" 

Dr. Venu Julapalli is founder and president of Integral Gastroenterology Center, P.A., an active private practice in gastroenterology in Houston, Texas. Inspired by the works of Ken Wilber, he started his practice in 2005 with a passion to bring an “AQAL” approach to patient care. His mission, with his brother Dr. Vinay Julapalli, is to collaborate with others to re-imagine, renew, and evolve the practice of medicine. Together they have founded ‘Conscious Medicine’ as an instrument to bring an awareness of health and well-being practices to the community at large.

Dr. Julapalli graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. with Distinction in Biological Sciences. He was elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He completed medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, with election to Alpha Omega Alpha. He underwent medical training in internal medicine and gastroenterology at Baylor College of Medicine, where he continues to serve as a volunteer clinical instructor. He practices in north Houston. 

Dr. Julapalli serves on the Board of Directors of the Center for Integral Wisdom, an activist think-tank whose mission is to evolve the source code of humanity. Led by a team of spiritual luminaries, business leaders, authors, and activists, the Center for Integral Wisdom aims to advance the leading edge of spirituality, psychology, entrepreneurship, and the sciences around the world. 
Dr. Julapalli’s own spiritual stream has flowed from his mother’s traditional Hindu rituals to Ken Wilber’s writings, from Vipassana to Adyashanti, and now to Marc Gafni’s Unique Self insights. He believes the Unique Self holds the key for all stakeholders in healthcare to enjoy lives well lived. 
Venu and Vinay Julapalli have published a white paper on applying Unique Self to evolve the source code of medicine, which can be accessed here. 

Venu also enjoys reading, spending time with his wife and family, and following his beloved New Orleans Saints.

NOVEMBER  08, 2015
Houston IONS November Meeting
WHAT: Video: “Being Your True Story, the Pathway to Happiness”
 We will show the presentation by Don Miguel Ruiz from the IONS Chicago Conference in July 2015.  Be inspired by the author of The Four Agreements, as he shares ways to cultivate a happier and more rewarding story for ourselves. We are born perfect, and we will die perfect. We search for everything we believe we don’t have, not knowing that everything we are looking for is already inside us. We are born with it.
Don Miguel Ruiz
Author of New York Times bestseller “the Four Agreements, Don Miquel Ruiz is a Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts.  His work is part of the New Age movement that focuses on ancient teachings as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Ruiz is listed as one of the Watkins 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2014.  Some have associated Ruiz's work with Carlos Castaneda, author of The Teachings of Don Juan.  The Four Agreements are:
Be Impeccable With Your Word.
Don't Take Anything Personally.
Don't Make Assumptions.
Always Do Your Best.

WHEN: Sunday, November 8, 2015
Plan on arriving between 5:30 to 6:00 pm to socialize and settle in, announcements will start promptly at 6 and the program starts by 6:15 and typically runs until 8pm.
WHERE:   Contact mail@houstonions for location details
PRESENTER:  Joe Hirsch​ ​
Joe Hirsch M.A., LPC​ had a 25 year career in Oil Exploration software development. In 1998. he received a Master Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.
​J​oe has been a member of IONS for over 30 years and is on the Houston IONS Planning Team. Since 1995, he co-leads with Lydia Dugan an Integral Transformative Practices (ITP)  group that meets weekly. Joe has a life-long avocation of consciousness exploration. For over 30 years he has studied with world renowned masters such as Hal and Sidra Stone, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Murphy, George Leonard, Jim Hollis, Pittman McGehee, Jeff Kripal, and Michael Singer.​


September 13, 2014

WHAT:  Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness: The term, popularized by Canadian psychiatrist R. M. Bucke, in his classic work by that name published in 1901, refers to sudden, spontaneous and life-changing mystical experiences, ones that seem comparable across diverse cultures and religious traditions. It implies a higher level of awareness, a mystical relationship with the infinite, that transcends religious doctrine and is accessible to adepts of any religious belief system, or of none. Experiences of "cosmic consciousness" have affected figures ranging from, say, the Apostle Paul, on the way to Damascus, to astronaut and IONS founder Edgar Mitchell, on his return from the moon.  

Focusing on Bucke's life and cultural world, this presentation will explore the modern roots of the idea that deep religious experiences have a common font in the human psyche, potentially accessible by all, and will consider the validity of that idea from the perspective of our own times.

An historian of American thought and culture, Mark Ryan was Dean of Jonathan Edwards College and a teacher of American Studies and History at Yale University for more than twenty years. Subsequently, he was Titular IV Professor at the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla, Mexico, where he also served as Dean of the Colleges, Master of José Gaos College, and Coordinator of the graduate program in United States Studies. He holds Ph.D. and M. Phil. degrees from Yale, an M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.A. from the University of St. Thomas. Mark is author of "A Collegiate Way of Living" (Yale University, 2001), articles in various journals on higher education, and articles in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and related publications on transpersonal thought. He served for fourteen years on the Board of Trustees of Naropa University, is past chair of the Board of Directors of Wisdom University, and current Chair of the Jonathan Edwards Trust at Yale. Certified by Grof Transpersonal Training as a practitioner of Holotropic Breathwork, Mark now teaches regularly for the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies and at the C. G. Jung Educational Center of Houston.


July 22–26, 2015, Hilton Oak Brook Hills Resort near Chicago
Twitter / Facebook hashtag: #IONS2015Conference
We are in the midst of a consciousness revolution! And by attending this conference, where the science of being meets the spirit of community, YOU are at the heart of it. Inspired by the transformation he experienced in his spacecraft in 1971 as he returned from his moonwalk, Edgar Mitchell has been pioneering the scientific investigation of a new perspective on reality since that day. Put simply, we've been taught that the universe is made of matter and energy. But it's becoming increasingly clear that it is made of matter, energy, and consciousness. Dr. Mitchell will share his perspective as one of eight surviving individuals who have journeyed farther from our planet than anyone in history!

Picture yourself at an inspiring gathering of fellow explorers and like-minded friends. The menu of options speaks to your deepest passions, and luminaries from science, the environment, and wisdom traditions spark new insights. Music, dance, conversations that matter, and exercises that help deepen your experience are woven into a rich tapestry of renewal and transformation. You share your dreams and your vision, find inspiration, celebrate, reorient toward your deepest purpose, and take away tools you can immediately apply in your work and your everyday life.

JULY 12, 2015

Healing with Sound – Crystal Bowls
Sound healing is based on the fact that everything including our bodies is vibration. Studies have shown that sound can heal at the cellular level. We know that the cells of our body are in constant motion and when they become out of balance, illness can occur. By using the right vibrations of sounds, the cells can entrain with those vibrations, be tuned, and be restored to their normal, natural state. By adding the intent and belief of healing, good health and well being can be the result. 

This presentation will include experiential toning with our voices as well as feeling the sounds of the crystal bowls in a brief meditation.

Quote:  “Illness is a manifestation of disharmony within the body, an imbalance in the cells. Healing can be achieved by restoring the normal vibratory frequency of the disharmonious - and therefore diseased - part of the body.”

….Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., author of "The Healing Power of Sound".

Barbie Butler
Barbie Butler received her bachelor of music and master of music degrees in

piano performance. She teaches piano at Lone Star College in Kingwood, and

she is the pianist for the Kingwood Pops Orchestra and the Unity Circle of Light Church.

Barbie is certified in sound healing from the Institute of Sound Healing in San Francisco. She has studied with world renown sound healers such as Tom Kenyon, Jonathan Goldman, Steven Halpern & Don Campbell who wrote "The Mozart Effect.' She plays 9 crystal bowls for a weekly meditation at the Unity Church. Barbie, also, is a Certified Music Practitioner through the Music for Healing and Transition Program. This qualifies her to play therapeutic music for the ill and dying. She, also, does private sound healing sessions.

PROGRAM: MAY 10, 2014

The Beauty and Grandeur of Crop Circles

What:  Presentation by Houston IONS (Institute of Noetic Science)
During the growing season each year, in the fertile grain basket of Wiltshire in southern England; strange, magnificent and beautiful patterns appear overnight in the fields throughout late spring and summer.  Commonly known as Crop Circles, as many as 100+ of these patterns are laid in this part of the world in standing wheat, barley, oats, rye and other crops.  Nearly as many Circles appear each year in other parts of the world, but the vast majority are found here; often right near Stone Age and Neolithic artifacts such as Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, numerous barrows and megaliths. 

So what are these strange phenomena, and an even more interesting question; Who is making them???  Nocturnal pranksters?  Government experimentation?  Magnetic whirlwinds?  Weather?  Extraterrestrial visitors? 

It is well known that many of the circles are man-made.  Demonstrations, competitions, and sanctioned Crop Circle makers have clearly shown how some Circles are made by humans.  But what about the others?  Huge, complex and precise designs created in a matter of a few hours with no sign of vehicles, tools and the army of people that it would conceivably take to create them.  How are they put there??? 

Join Wilson Arabie at our next meeting to marvel at the majesty, beauty and grandeur of this “Art in the Fields”.  Also learn about some of the characteristics of the Circles.  View Crop Circles that recreate symbols from ancient civilizations: Egyptian, Aztec, Hebrew, and others that reconstruct simple and complex geometry.  See yet other Circles that appear to carry indicators and messages. 

We can also engage in a discussion about how the Circles are made, and consider the question of who is behind all of this…  But take note; the debate has been ongoing for some time now, the conclusions are numerous, and we run the risk that each of us will come away with our own unique opinion.  But it will be great fun…

When:  Sunday, May 10, 2015
Plan on arriving at the A.R.E. Center between 5:30 to 6:00 pm to socialize and settle in, announcements will start promptly at 6 and the program starts by 6:15 and typically runs until 8pm.

Where:  Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Houston Center
7800 Amelia Road, Houston, TX 77055   Amelia is one block north of Long Point & Wirt Rd.  Go north of I-10 on Wirt Rd. (Wirt is actually Chimney Rock renamed as Wirt) Continue on Wirt across Long Point one block and turn right on Amelia.  The Center is on the left in a metal building with a large parking lot.

Who:   Wilson Arabie   

In the summer of 1999, while traveling in southern England on a father-son bonding trip, Wilson Arabie and his eldest son serendipitously came across a magnificent Crop Circle at Hackpen Hill, just to the north of the renowned Avebury Stone Circle.  Having been made aware of Crop Circles whilst traveling across Europe in 1983, Wilson was impressed by the size and the precision of the freshly laid Crop Circle.  Six geometrically-perfect crescents, interlaced with three double-connected crescents (for a total of twelve), created a 300-foot diameter circle in a large field of wheat just below one of England’s famous White Horse hills.  Wilson and his son were able to visit the circle the day that it appeared, and also had the good fortune to meet Steve Alexander, a photographer who, with his wife Karen, have made it their life’s work to photograph and document the appearance of Crop Circles each year in the lovely southern English countryside. 

Thus began a fascination with Crop Circles that endures to this day.  Wilson continues to monitor the Crop Circles each summer via Steve and Karen Alexander’s website, Temporary Temples (as well as through other websites).  In 2012 he traveled to England to attend the annual Crop Circle Conference and took the opportunity to visit and walk in several freshly laid Crop Circles.