MEETING SUNDAY January 14, 2018:  ​​​Lori Leyden returns to speak at Houston IONS

Healing Our Ourselves, our Children, and our World with Outrageous Grace

Tap into your natural ability to harness the energy of Grace. Live in your heart with a whole new

freedom - freedom from old wounds, freedom to experience gratitude, joy, wonder and love…
Come Experience the Grace Process...the Five Step Process for Opening Your Heart and Living

from the Wisdom Found There.  As a childhood survivor of violence and addiction, Lori Leyden

asked herself TWO questions.
* “Is it possible to live with our hearts open ALL the time?”  And…
* “What kind of life will our hearts guide us to if we listen deeply to its wisdom?”
As a Ph.D. psychotherapist in private practice she developed The Grace Process, her Five Step Process for harnessing grace. As she healed her own wounds (Lori says we suffer from five core wounds) and worked with hundreds of private clients and students...she witnessed hearts opening to lives of deep gratitude, joy, wonder and love. Lori’s Grace Process had cracked the code for living life with a heart wide open.
As Lori surrendered to the guidance of her own heart she was led to rural Rwanda helping orphans and widows who were traumatized by genocide. The Grace Process, combined with EFT/Tapping was able to heal their psychic and spiritual wounds.
Listening deeper still she felt the call to teach twelve of the Rwanda orphans leadership and entrepreneurial skills. This first group of Project Light Ambassadors would help to heal the wounds of their entire country…and our world.

In December 2012 Lori prayed again for heart guidance…”What’s next?” she asked. The very next day was the heart-breaking shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Within three days she was in Connecticut. After two years Lori has pioneered using Grace and Tapping to create a “community based trauma healing program,” now funded by the United Way. And Tony Robbins and his Foundation are in talks with Lori on how to create “an emotional Red Cross” to help traumatized communities around the world with her combination of Grace and Tapping.
In 2017 Lori co-created Project Light Australia. Teenage Aboriginal Australians have the highest suicide rate per capita than any other group in the world. Lori combines The Grace Process with Tapping to help relieve the trauma these teen live with. Project Light also then teaches and inspires these teens entrepreneurial skills to help them create meaningful lives for themselves.
Come join Houston-IONS for an evening of Grace. Learn the process to heal your own wounds and live a life of impact….with gratitude, joy, wonder and love.


​Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA facilitates healing work with The Grace Process, a spiritual practice for heart-centered living. Lori holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services with a concentration in psychoneuroimmunology, and a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in management. With more than thirty years’ experience in the fields of psychotherapy, business, and spiritual growth, Dr. Leyden is a uniquely qualified author, workshop leader, business consultant, and humanitarian.
After working with widow and orphan genocide survivors in Rwanda, she developed Create Global Healing, a nonprofit organization committed to developing heart-centered leadership programs for orphans in war torn countries, and for students, humanitarians, and philanthropists in the United States. She has recently spent the last two years in Newtown, CT working with the trauma survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
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WHEN: Sunday, January 14,, 2018
Plan on arriving between 5:30 to 6:00 pm to socialize and settle in, announcements will start promptly at 6 and the program starts by 6:15 and will runs until 7:45 p.m.
WHERE: Bering Memorial United Methodist Church
1440 Harold St at Mulberry St. | Houston, TX 77006
(two blocks south of Westheimer; East of Dunlavy; West of Montrose)
Parking is on Mulberry at Hawthorne. Entrance on Mulberry St. with a short cement staircase to the Fellowship Hall in the Basement.
For handicap and easier access, the back door facing the parking lot opens with elevator access to the basement level.



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