Program February 12, 2017

Evolutionary Meditation at Houston IONS!

On Earth, evolution was unconscious of itself until Darwin’s 1859 audacious Origin of Species. Since that birth of evolutionary biology rocked the world, other threads of wisdom have exploded in every field of conscious science and spirituality.
You, me and our entire human family have evolved to the point where we can celebrate our own cosmic story. 
Where evolution goes next, at least in this sector of the galaxy, is in part up to us.

WHEN:  Sunday, February 14, 2016 
Plan on arriving between 5:30 to 6:00 pm to socialize and settle in, announcements will start promptly at 6 and the program starts by 6:15 and typically runs until 8pm.
WHERE:  for location details, email to
How to Wake UP, Grow Up & Show Up to your most Radiant Enlightened Evolutionary Self…
Take a deep dive into Waking UP and access your most fully enlightened presence.  You’ll learn what neuroscience says about 6 Essential Mediations and that change your brain and turning temporary states of bliss into permanent traits of being.
Explore Growing Up and how we evolve through 8 Stages of Human Development, finally reaching our fully embodied, fully integrated Evolutionary Enlightened Self.

The world is at a tipping point…

Your soul is yearning for you to Show Up to your most radiant Evolutionary Self…to Show Up so that you can shine like 10,000 suns into the dark shadows of your life and the world; Show Up so you can co-create with evolution itself, manifesting the world you most want to live in…
Experience Evolutionary Meditation and “The Stillness of Pure Being;” your Higher Self that is already, always, awake…that part of you that is vast spaciousness, infinite stillness, and eternal emptiness.
Evolutionary Meditation lets you experience profound depths of meditation within 30 or so minutes, even if you’ve never meditated a day in your life.

This Houston IONS presentation and experience is open to ALL levels of meditation: from first-timers and newbies to very seasoned meditators and spiritual practitioners.

About Alan Davidson
 Alan says, “I fuel the tipping point of human consciousness. 3% of the world's population
is dancing around "enlightenment" as a way of being; roughly the current population
of Europe. As that # of enlightened people grows to 6% and 7% the problems that
plague humanity now will dramatically shift. As 10% of the world's population shifts
into full enlightened consciousness, a tipping point of transformation will make life
on earth a very different experience for those who follow us.”

Alan Davidson is the creator of Evolutionary Meditation and the founder of He’s the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital
Intelligences, the #1 best-selling Health and Wellness book and winner of two national
Book-of-the-Year Awards.

He is a board member for the Center of Integral Wisdom, along with Ken Wilber, Marc Gafni, John Mackey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, John Grey, Sally Kempton, Venu Julapalli, M.D. and Vinay Julapalli M.D., plus a host of other world class spiritual teachers.

Alan has a B.S. from University of Houston, Downtown, with an emphasis on psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. He is fascinated with the intersection of bodywork, psychology, and spiritual practice.  Alan has taught massage, meditation, movement, and human transformation since 1990.
Alan is the midwife of Evolutionary Meditation…affectionately called Enlightened Tapping. It’s the synthesis of Voice Dialogue, Big Mind Meditation, Shadow Work, and Somatic Practices like EFT/Tapping.

Alan lives in the shadow of downtown Houston, TX with his husband, Jim, and Hunter, their Boxer dog.

Cost~ Love donation to Houston IONS

We are moving from unconscious evolution through natural selection
to conscious evolution by choice…
The path of the co-creator is to be awakened spiritually within...
That's why emergence is the shift from ego to essence.
Barbara Marx Hubbard

Houston IONS Presentation & Meditation Experience
led by Alan Davidson


December 11, 2016:  Reincarnation: The Data and the Dharma

  • Dr. Claire Villarreal presenting on contemporary research on reincarnation
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January 8, 2017:  Dr. Jeffrey J. Kripal

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  • Introduced by Joe Hirsch

February 12:  Alan Davidson

  • Evolutionary Meditation
  • Introduced by Marion Hirsch

March 12:  Brad Martin

  • Sacred Entheogen Rituals in Civilization
  • Introduced by Dr. Stuart Marmorstein

April 9:  Julie Parker

  • Your Inner Blueprint - The Secrets Hidden in Your Face
  • Introduced by:  TBA

May 14:  TBA

June 11:  Mary Sudduth

  • Manifestations of Chi Energy in TCM* and Beyond  * Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Introduced by:  TBA

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