MAY 8th, 2016 


What:  The Beauty and Grandeur of Crop Circles
The 2016 Crop Circle Season is nearly upon us.  In the coming days, those mysterious patterns will begin to appear in the grain fields of southern England...

During the growing season each year, in the fertile grain basket of Wiltshire in southern England; strange, magnificent and beautiful patterns appear overnight in the fields throughout late spring and summer.  Commonly known as Crop Circles, as many as 100+ of these patterns are laid in this part of the world in standing wheat, barley, oats, rye and other crops.  Nearly as many Circles appear each year in other parts of the world, but the vast majority are found here; often right next to Stone Age and Neolithic artifacts such as Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, Avebury and numerous barrows and megaliths. 

 So what are these strange phenomena, and an even more interesting question; Who is making them???  Nocturnal pranksters?  Government experimentation?  Magnetic whirlwinds?  Weather?  Extraterrestrial visitors? 

 It is well known that many of the circles are man-made.  Demonstrations, competitions, and sanctioned Crop Circle makers have clearly shown how some Circles are made by humans.  But what about the others?  Huge, complex and precise designs created in a matter of a few hours with no sign of vehicles, tools and the army of people that it would conceivably take to create them.  How are they put there??? 

 Join Wilson Arabie at our next meeting to marvel at the majesty, beauty and grandeur of this "Art in the Fields".  Also learn about some of the characteristics of the Circles.  View Crop Circles that recreate symbols from ancient civilizations: Egyptian, Aztec, Hebrew, and others that reconstruct simple and complex geometry.  See yet other Circles that appear to carry indicators and messages. 

 We can also engage in a discussion about how the Circles are made, and consider the question of who is behind all of this...  But take note; the debate has been ongoing for some time now, the conclusions are numerous, and we run the risk that each of us will come away with our own unique opinion.  AND it will be great fun...

When:  Sunday, May 8, 2016
Plan on arriving at the Tranquil Heart Yoga Studio between 5:30 to 6:00 pm to socialize and settle in.  Announcements will start promptly at 6pm, the program starts by 6:15 and typically runs until 8pm.

Where:  Tranquil Heart Yoga Studio (Take elevator or stairs to 2nd floor, back building.)
12288 Westheimer Rd, Suite 380, Houston, TX  77077, Directions:  www.    

Who:  Wilson Arabie

 Wilson Arabie in his

Signature Panama hat

In the summer of 1999, while traveling in southern England on a father-son bonding trip, Wilson Arabie and his eldest son serendipitously came across a magnificent Crop Circle at Hackpen Hill, just to the north of the renowned Avebury Stone Circle.  Having been made aware of Crop Circles whilst traveling across Europe in 1983, Wilson was impressed by the size and the precision of the freshly laid Crop Circle.  Six geometrically-perfect crescents, interlaced with three double-connected crescents (for a total of twelve), created a 300-foot diameter circle in a large field of wheat just below one of England's famous White Horse hills.  Wilson and his son were able to visit the circle the day that it appeared, and also had the good fortune to meet Steve Alexander, a photographer who, with his wife Karen, have made it their life's work to photograph and document the appearance of Crop Circles each year in the lovely southern English countryside. 

Thus began a fascination with Crop Circles that endures to this day.  Wilson continues to monitor the Crop Circles each summer via Steve and Karen Alexander's website, Temporary Temples (as well as through other websites).  In 2012 he traveled to England to attend the annual Crop Circle Conference and took the opportunity to visit and walk in several freshly laid Crop Circles. 

Wanderlust and lover of life, Wilson Arabie has traveled and learned from his many phases in life; farm-boy, voyager, radio personality, entrepreneur, oilfield worker, consultant, husband, father...  Currently working as a Sales and Marketing Consultant, he represents a French company that is launching an innovative technology platform for Asset and Building Information Management.  Wilson is also a 200+ hour certified Tai Chi and Qigong Teacher, and often ponders the emerging relationship between mindfulness and the Crop Circles. 

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