Awareness of Self with innate ties to encountered Reality is distorted by beliefs and definitions absorbed during childhood. Regarding Consciousness, the mind is invariably misled by held beliefs: whatever you believe in seems to be true. Beliefs distort perception of Reality; they never clarify it.
Exposing flaws in standard thinking, Tom clarifies how the Oneness of Consciousness/Reality unfolds in your direct experience: you encounter daily a flow of meaningful events and relationships – all unfolding in distinct patterns.
These patterns in relationships, health issues and success/failure result, not from capricious deities, nor from luck, fate or external causes. Life quality manifests directly from your own inner nature: you are connected life quality – not separate and apart.
Problems in life lie rooted in distinct inner mechanisms. Change within improves real life – yielding ever-greater Awareness of your connection to all things.


    ​Questioning standard explanations from childhood, Tom left engineering to

    travel extensively. His later ventures in software development and investment

    left him financially independent – able to travel and share his insights without

    need for profit.
    Following a mystic experience during his 20s, his long inner journey regained

    “Clear Awareness”, but now ongoing, not episodic. Eliminating personal health

    issues, Tom began to present his perspectives online by the late ‘90s.

    Now, Tom shares deep, personal insights into the psyche’s complex functionality through three expansive books (a fourth coming soon), his video production operation and YouTube Channel,

    plus 250+ talks given internationally.

    At 71, Tom’s health – without need of medicine, healing or vitamins – his iconoclastic sense of humor

    and personal abundance embody his message. Never seeking followers or donations, Tom’s talks

    and website are always free.

    Sunday, December 09, 2018

    Arrive between 5:30 - 6:00 pm. for social time. The meeting starts promptly at 6 and ends at 7:45 p.m​​.

    Bering Memorial United Methodist Church
    1440 Harold St at Mulberry St. | Houston, TX 77006

    (two blocks south of Westheimer; East of Dunlavy; West of Montrose)
    Parking is on Mulberry at Hawthorne. Entrance on Mulberry St. with a short cement staircase to the Fellowship Hall in the Basement.
    For handicap and easier access, the back door facing the parking lot opens with elevator access to the basement level.





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